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Cardiac and circulation training
enhancing the physical condition and fat burn


Fitness means to feel comfortable in the own body.
The Freizeittemple lives up to the requirements to keep your body fit. A complex training schedule combined with individual coaching is provided in a relaxed atmosphere. There are special fitness programms developped for those who try out a gym for the first time as well as for people who just want to brush up their knowledge of health oriented and compact fitness training. The emphasis for body fitness lies with stamina, strength, flexibilty and coordination.

Certified Trainer

There are certified trainer to guide you through the gym without an additional fee. Icluded in your membership is a start up check with testing your condition. In addition to that we provide the possibility to check your bodyfat and nutritional guidelines if you wish. According to the data we achieve from all those tests we put up a training schedule exactly suited for your personal Goals.

for a better posture, a well shaped body, to prevent aches of the spine, to prevent osteoporosis, and weight loss

Cardiac and Circulation Training – listen to your heart

With up-to-date training machines you can work on your stamina while exactly controlling your heart beat frequency.

Body Building

Everybody who loves well shaped muscles will find optimized facilities to train every group of muscles. Use our body building area as much as you like.

Spinal Muscle Training – we straighten up your back

During the specific classes you strengthen the particular group of muscles your spine needs.

Muscle stretching

There are specific facilities to stretch the muscles to improve the flexibility of your whole Body.

Fitness Fees

Prices in Euro
10 Units€ 109,--
Monthly fee€ 86,50
3 Month fee€ 208,--
New: One year memberschip –
training only on weekends
€ 208,--
Membership for half a year€ 345,--
Membership for half a year –
training only in the morning
€ 310,--
One year membership€ 551,--
One year membership –
training only in the morning
€ 413,--
One year membership for students,
monthly fee
€ 43,--

  • All the prices include use of the fitness area, sauna, vapour bath and aerobicPrices include VAT.
  • possibility of easy paying – monthly fee
  • the trainer’s fee includes a trainer’s guidance as long as the
  • membership is paid, regular fitness-checks, measuring the body fat, different vauchers

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A-2700 Wiener Neustadt
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